Buying Buttons in Berlin: Knopf Paul


What could possibly be better than a wall of buttons?IMG_8151 (345x460)

How about two walls of buttons–plus trays, boxes, and display cases of buttons?IMG_8156 (460x345)

That’s what Jack and I found yesterday when we made our way to Knopf Paul.IMG_8155 (345x460)

When I set up our computer in our hotel room in Berlin Monday, I found an e-mail from a reader in Hamburg recommending this shop. What luck! Thank you, reader!

When we reached Knopf Paul I was immediately taken by the displays outside.IMG_8143 (460x345)

Jack went inside first. When I joined him, he said “I think you’ll like this place.”

I answered, “Get out the smelling salts!”IMG_8150 (345x460)

Then I got down to work. I pulled out my swatch of the blue-green tweed of the jacket I recently made and started looking for buttons that would rival the ones I bought in Salzburg last Saturday.IMG_8154 (345x460)

And even though this place must have tens of thousands of button styles, I didn’t find any, even with help, that were the right combination of size, color and style appropriate for my garment.

But, no matter. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing boxes of vintage buttons, overhearing conversations between customers and staff, and chatting with Paul and his wife.IMG_8149 (460x345)

As I understand and speak minimal German, I was happy that owners and staff had plenty of English to close the language gap.

And, as Knopf Paul does not take credit cards, I was also happy that I had enough cash. I think 40 Euros was quite a fair price for the quantity and quality.

Here’s what I am taking home with me:

IMG_8167 (345x460)IMG_8168 (460x370)IMG_8170 (340x460)IMG_8171 (373x460)IMG_8173 (360x460)IMG_8175 (430x460)IMG_8176 (449x460)IMG_8178 (440x460)IMG_8179 (380x460)IMG_8180 (460x402)IMG_8183 (460x345)Thank you, Knopf Paul, for some wonderful souvenirs of Berlin!

IMG_8163 (460x401)

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2 thoughts on “Buying Buttons in Berlin: Knopf Paul

  1. I always buy buttons when I travel – they are more portable than fabric. Fabric usually finds its way into my suitcase too. Any button recommendations for London, Manchester or Lisbon – my next travel destinations.

    • Gail,
      I certainly do have button recommendations for London! I will be in London in a couple of weeks and will be posting about the places I go. Are you coming to London very soon?

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