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Yesterday I started a quick project to make a skirt to match my blue and white linen 1930s jacket.  So I pulled my pattern, supplies, and voluminous notes on the six skirts I’ve made from this pattern in the last three years.

Readers, I don’t know how this happened, but a sad cat got into my notes and rewrote them.

Here are some excerpts.

Dear Diary:  I am determined to sew a skirt although the authorities are doing their best to thwart me.  Follow the instructions as written? Ha! What do they take me for–a fool?

McCall's 3830, with swatches of previous skirts made.

McCall’s 3830, with swatches of previous skirts made.

Dear Diary: The pattern calls for a centered zipper application. Centered zipper applications are topstitched. Topstitching attracts attention–right to the center back seam. How vulgar. I will use an invisible zipper.

Dear Diary: The authorities don’t line this skirt, either. This is outrageous. But what can you expect from people who want the back seam of your skirt to scream “Homemade!” I have standards.

(Sigh.) I will line the skirt.

Homemade! Eek!

Homemade! Eek!

Dear Diary: After reading the instructions in Pants for Real People and watching the It’s in the Details DVD sixteen times each I have subverted Marta Alto’s evil plot and successfully installed an invisible zipper.

Dear Diary: I am on the very edge of madness. There is bulk in the zipper seam at the waistline. Bulk is not couture. How I suffer. But I carry on.

Bulk is not couture.

Bulk is not couture.

Dear Diary: I am following instructions called “Quick lining a skirt with waist facings” in Connie Long’s Easy Guide to Sewing Linings. “Quick”? “Easy”? Don’t make me laugh.

The authorities are unwilling to face the truth. Would “Painfully slowly lining a skirt” from Difficult Guide to Sewing Linings sell fewer books? Perhaps.

Dear Diary: The lining went in without a hitch. Yet another scheme foiled. I feel quietly triumphant.

The fruits of my artistic labors: six skirts.

The fruits of my artistic labors: six skirts.

Dear Diary: I have now made six skirts from this pattern. They all look good.

The running dogs have been defeated. Again.

Thanks, me.

Shall I tempt fate and make another skirt?

IMG_2655 (460x345)

Thanks be to me.

Better sleep on it.