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Getting Things Sewn is Getting a New Home

By May 15, 2014 10 Comments


Last week Jack and I bought a house in Columbus, Ohio that will be the new home of Getting Things Sewn!

With Kelly Myers, the world's most wonderful real estate agent.

With Kelly Myers, the world’s most wonderful real estate agent.

Built in 1958, with the same owners from 1959 to 2013, the house is structurally sound but needs updating. Carpets need to be ripped out and floors assessed for refinishing, and all the walls need paint, just for starters. Everything needs refreshing.

Assisting me in this first round of improvements will be my sister, photographer–and neighbor–Cynthia DeGrand, who will be just two minutes’ walk away!

Our creative spaces being so close together–my sewing space and Cynthia’s photo studio–means wonderful new opportunities to experiment with the subject matter and images for this blog. I have often had ideas for posts but didn’t have the imagination or technical expertise to create the images. Meanwhile, Cynthia has had ideas for composition or modeling, but I was not in Columbus often enough for her to experiment with and perfect even a tenth of those ideas.

With the 764 miles between us reduced to a tenth of a mile, we can easily experiment with indoor shoots, location shoots, documenting sewing processes, and more.

This 13- by 17-foot bedroom enjoys natural light and more warmth than my basement sewing space. (The carpet and window treatments are going.)

This 13- by 17-foot bedroom enjoys natural light and more warmth than my basement sewing space. (The carpet and window treatments are going.)

I will also experiment with designing my new sewing space–or spaces. In Minneapolis I devised a pretty satisfying basement sewing domain, which I wrote about in 2013. In Columbus I will start over in a 13- by 17-foot bedroom, possibly using part of the sizable basement for cutting tables.

I have new local sewing resources to discover: people, classes, supplies, collections, and events, which is exciting, but I also want to keep in touch with the sewing community I cultivated in Minneapolis.

For the last few weeks I’ve been decluttering, packing, cleaning, and painting (lot of painting) in preparation for selling our Minneapolis house. While Jack manages the selling, I’ll fly ahead to Columbus to get some repairs and improvements underway. They will be so much easier to do before the moving van arrives.

I have been impatiently waiting for the day I could say Getting Things Sewn is getting a new home. At last I can. I will be testing everything I’ve learned so far about creating sewing spaces and cultivating new sewing ties and look forward to recording my new adventures.

Goodbye, old sewing space!

Goodbye, old sewing space!





  • Avatar Sharon F says:

    How wonderful for you and your sister to become near neighbors! I just discovered your blog earlier this spring and look forward to following it in its new home.

  • Avatar Lynn Mally says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming move! I look forward to the sister collaborations.

  • Avatar Mads says:

    How wonderful and exciting–congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new sewing space.

  • Avatar Marguerite says:

    Have fun remodeling and redecorating. It’s always wonderful organizing a new sewing space, and yours looks like it has lots of potential!

  • Avatar Robin says:

    Welcome to Columbus. Kelly IS awesome, isn’t she? Still working on my sewing basement. It’s getting there. I just need to lay my floor & move all the stuff! Enjoy setting up your new place. Congratulations!

  • Avatar Andy Burrows says:

    The house looks and sounds lovely. Happiness! I like your blog.
    Andy (and Elise)

    • Avatar Paula DeGrand says:

      Thank you, Andy. “Lovely” is not the word I’d use to describe our new home in its current state, but it’s got LOTS of potential, as you will see.

  • Avatar Helen says:

    I’ve been lurking on your blog off & on for months now – I know Cynthia!! How did I not know that you 2 are sisters? I met Cynthia more than a dozen years ago thru One Human Family; she’s my favorite photographer EVER & I miss seeing her. Congratulations on the new digs. 🙂

    • Avatar Paula DeGrand says:

      Why thank you, Helen! Cynthia is my favorite photographer ever, too! Keep lurking–the best is yet to come!

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