Getting Things Sewn is Moving!


I’m writing this from Columbus, Ohio, where I’m staying with my sister and photographer, Cynthia DeGrand, and her husband. Columbus is having the snowiest winter in recent years, and is not very much of a change from snowy Minneapolis–so why would I visit now? Because Columbus is going to be Jack’s and my new home!

The Columbus map book is my new companion.

The Columbus map book is my new companion.

This summer Jack will retire from his English-teaching career. We’ve decided after 25 years in Minnesota to move back to our home state of Ohio. We both grew up here (different cities) and earned our undergraduate degrees here (different colleges). We also both still have family in Ohio.

Jack has graded a million English papers--or, at least it feels like it!

Jack has graded a million English papers–or, at least it feels like it!

But more pertinent to Getting Things Sewn is the fact that I will be living close enough to Cynthia to make full use of her photographic experience and inventiveness.

The days of the makeshift studio in Minneapolis are thankfully coming to an end.

The days of the makeshift studio in Minneapolis are thankfully coming to an end.

This first year of Getting Things Sewn we’ve done some shoots in her studio in Columbus, at my house in Minneapolis, and in New York’s garment district.  When we haven’t been together, which has been 90 percent of the time, I’ve taken pictures, with occasional help from Jack.

I’ve tried to work within my limitations, but they are limitations. I’ve often had ideas for posts or series that I’ve shelved because I don’t have the photographic capabilities to create images to accompany the text. In a few months I see this changing dramatically. Not only does Cynthia have technical expertise, she has a great imagination. So when I mention an idea for a project, a single post, or a series, she starts brainstorming about images we can create.

In Cynthia's studio we can do more creative things at a higher technical level.

In Cynthia’s studio we can do more creative things at a higher technical level.

So, a greater photographic presence for Getting Things Sewn and a greater creative partnership are in the offing. These are exciting prospects.

The challenges in the coming months will be–you guessed it–getting things sewn. How can I help get our house ready to sell, edit our possessions, househunt, move, and still make sewing progress?

Before starting Getting Things Sewn, I probably would have decided just to close down my sewing operations for a few months to devote myself to the whole buying, selling, and moving process. I would have proceeded on the assumption that I couldn’t make sewing progress. But since I’m on this hero’s journey to realize my sewing dreams, I’m proceeding on the assumption that I can.

Changing my assumption is certainly going to change what I try, what I do, and what results I accomplish. How can I know what I can achieve if I don’t experiment?

As Cole Porter wrote, “Experiment and you’ll see.” Will I ever!

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7 thoughts on “Getting Things Sewn is Moving!

  1. Congratulations to Jack on his retirement! Sorry to hear you’re leaving the great state of Minnesota. Hopefully your votes will make a difference in your new home. I’ll continue to follow your blog cause I love your examining mind!

    Good luck with the big move!

    • Gordon, we’re moving to the ultimate battleground state, as you probably know; our votes may make more of a difference in Ohio than in Minnesota. (I suppose that’s good.) Thank you for being one of my earliest and most supportive readers! My mind will continue to examine things, guaranteed!

  2. I’m happy for anyone with a sister!!! Especially one that is able to share in your creative endeavors!!! As a retiree myself, I have to admit it’s a double edged sword. One one hand you feel “free” to do whatever, on the other you have to face how a huge chunk of your life is officially over. Either way it’s all part of life. Here’s to getting things sewn!!!

  3. Congratulations on the move…hope everything drops into line and is perfect. It has been great reading your latest blog and I’ve spent far too long going back and forth reading the past year’s entries.

    If you have time the Great British Sewing Bee starts again on Tuesday on the BBC – you may be able to pick it up on i-player? (I think this is the link)

    Meeting you at Hammersmith Vintage Fair was one of the best things about being there…looking forward to reading more posts!

    • Thank you, Judeline! I also want to thank vintage dealers like you for bringing vintage clothing and trimmings to these vintage fashion fairs in London. Whenever I get back to London I will see whether you’re running a booth during my visit!

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