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You know those moments when tedious preparation gives way to visible progress?

Not only that, but what had started as, “I wonder if maybe I took those buttons, and that pattern, and that fabric…” is taking shape and it’s coming along as beautifully as you dared to hope?

I just had one of those moments.

And just in the nick of time. Earlier in the week I was painstakingly basting the silk organza underlining to my pattern pieces and muttering under my breath about how long it was taking me.

Moving toward completion.

Moving toward completion.

And before I was doing anything as active as handling shears or a needle and thread, I was frowning a lot, rifling through sewing books, Threads magazines, and binders of my notes researching construction techniques.

So yesterday’s and today’s visible progress was gratifying.

I considered writing a whole post on pocket flaps alone. I think I could give a seminar on them now.

More goes into a properly made flap than you might think.

More goes into a properly made flap than you’d think.

I spent far more time making them right than I ever imagined I would.  But my efforts were rewarded.

On the other hand, my bound buttonholes came together in record time.  Slashing my jacket front in five places? No problem!

The under collar is attached now, making it easier to imagine the finished garment.

The under collar is attached. Just a small lapel.

The under collar is attached. Just a small lapel.

I couldn’t resist previewing the jacket with the Art Deco-era buttons laid on it.  Which way should I position the buttons?  There’s no wrong answer: both ways are wonderful.

Or vertically?

Which way to position the buttons? Vertically?

Coming up: Sleeves. Shoulder pads. The facing-lining unit with contrast red flat piping. Hemming. Buttons.

See you back here in a couple of days.