Vogue Patterns 8772 Blouse: Short-sleeved Version


This has been my summer of blouse-sewing. I cranked out several sleeveless renditions of Vogue Patterns 8772 in June, which I’ve been wearing and enjoying a lot.

Next, I tried a version with sleeves.

The collar, I see, doesn’t cover the neckline seam. Call that a pilot error–it’s not a fault of the pattern. I just didn’t fold the collar down right.

Yes, now I see I didn’t fold the collar down right for the photo.

I was wondering whether I’d need to add a little width to the back pattern piece to allow for a more freedom of movement in the sleeve versions.

In a sleeve version I think I want a little more width in the back pattern piece.

This blouse is perfectly wearable, but next time I’ll try adding 1/4th inch width in the back pattern piece across the shoulder area, giving a total of an extra 1/2 inch in the garment, and compare.

I also put my new blouse to the O-H-I-O test, which is extremely important in the land of the Ohio State University Buckeyes:





It passed.

(Photos by Cynthia DeGrand)

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6 thoughts on “Vogue Patterns 8772 Blouse: Short-sleeved Version

  1. The fit is spot on! I can see the long sleeve version on the horizon! Funny, I used to sew/wear so many more blouses and shirts when I was teaching. Now it seems I’m more the polo shirt/ knit top kind of person. Your recent makes may just guide me back to blouses. They are always a more polished look, especially under a jacket.
    I see what you mean about needing a bit more room in the back shoulder area. I’ve come across this myself. I’ve begun to think that when we use a smaller pattern to get the front chest and shoulder area to fit, the back suffers a bit. I’m wondering if the pant technique of using a bigger size for the back would work? Just thinking out loud here….adding 1/4 nice would give the same result. Let us know how it works out with the next blouse!

    • Maybe I’m just in a phase, but I’m under the spell of blouses now, and they do feel more polished to me (and slightly old-fashioned, as for me they hearken back to a time when t-shirts weren’t so widely worn and everybody knew how to wield an iron). Your pants comparison is a good idea. I hadn’t made the connection.

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